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Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eye Surgery
Although this site is still active, Dr. Bowden retired on 31 December 2017. He will be doing full time missions. See more info below.
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Here is Dr. Bowden's retirement letter:

Hello, friends. This is Dr. Bert Bowden. I am retiring at the end of the year and wanted to give you some information about the practice and how we can help you find further care. I will no longer be scheduling appointments after 20 December 2017 except for recent post operative patients. Our last day in the office was 20 December, but we will be available for contact by phone and email for a while.

For patients who have problems with oculoplastics and had any kind of plastic procedures, I recommend that you go see Brenda Edmonson, MD. Her phone number is 256-265-6344 and she is located at The Women's Pavilion, 910 Adams Street, Suite 130, Huntsville, AL 35801. Her website is https://discoverdrbrenda.com/. She handles all aspects of oculoplastics care except for orbital surgery and other types of extensive intraorbital and intraocular care. You can always call her office to find out if she takes care of your issue.

If she doesn't and you have a more complicated case, you can be in touch with Sarah Jacobs, MD. Her phone number is 800-822-8816. She is located at UAB Medicine, 500 22nd Street South, Birmingham, AL 35233. Her website is https://www.uabmedicine.org/patient-care/treatments/oculoplastics-and-reconstructive-surgery. She definitely is well trained in all aspects of oculoplastic surgery and could certainly take care of anything that I took care of.

If you have been seen for cataract surgery or are contemplating it or need eye exams, see Heather Estopinal, MD. Her number is 256-880-0667. She is located at 333 Whitesport Cir SW, #101, Huntsville, AL 35801. She can handle any kind of comprehensive ophthalmology problem.

If you would like to obtain copies of your records, we can help you if needed. However, the easiest way is to simply log onto our portal and download a copy of them. To get your portal username and password, email info@eyeforgod.com by going to the "Contact Us" page and I will send it to you. Once you have that you can simply click on the portal button above. You will be able to sign on there and download copies of your records. There is no charge for this but it is not comprehensive with pictures, letters and other things, only words. If you are unable to use the portal, we can do it for you, but there will be a $20 charge and we will mail the records to you once payment is received. You can call with credit card information or mail a check. Of course, if you have another doctor request the records, there are no charges for the copy sent to them. They will be able to send a request by email as noted on the "Contact US" page and I will respond.

I appreciate the years of blessings we have had together. I will be doing more missions now that my practice is closed. As I have blessed you, you can bless me by being an ongoing donor to my non-profit organization, Eye for God Ministries. Go to www.eyeforgod.org to make an ongoing donation or one time donation. Every bit goes towards spreading the Gospel!


Bert Bowden, MD