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Orbital Blowout Fracture

The eye has a significant protective mechanism in the bones around the orbit. If one is hit in or around the eye, this will normally only involve the bone of the orbit and the eye would be left intact. When there is a smaller device like a fist that fits inside the orbit that hits the eye, many times the bone at the floor of the orbit would be broken instead of the eye being injured. This is described as a blowout fracture where the bone at the bottom portion of the orbit is "blown out" into the sinus.

It is necessary to treat this when there is a large fracture present or if the eyeball has sunk into the orbit. Of course, there is always some swelling associated with an injury and fracture like a blowout. If at the initial observation, the eye is already back in the socket, then it can be anticipated that it will sink back in even further.

Of course, trapping of the muscle can occur by the action of the bone as the muscle is pushed into and against and through the bone with the injury. If this happens, one may develop diplopia or double vision. This is a common complication of blowout fracture, and this is one of the most common reasons for doing surgery.

Dr. Bowden has performed many of these surgeries and will discuss this with you as necessary regarding the treatment of this.

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