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Eyelid Tumors

A tumor means only a growth, not necessarily a malignancy. We bunch a lot of small growths that occur on the eyelid into the category of tumors. These are usually very treatable with simple, in-office, procedures to remove the growth.

Dr. Bowden learned long ago that God heals things better than he does. For this reason, the primary method of reconstruction that is used around the eyelid is to simply let God heal the defect after a tumor is removed. We have found that we get worse scarring and webs of tissue that occur when we, as surgeons try to improve on His work. Sometimes the eyelid is dragged down or the eye is irritated when we try to suture something that should have been left for God to heal naturally.

Below are several pictures of patients with small growths present. You can see that the growth is usually small to begin with, but it appears larger after it is removed. If we just wait, God will heal it perfectly, along with a little help from some ointment.

If you have any questions about these growths or their removal, Dr. Bowden will be glad to discuss the treatment with you.


Patient 1 Pre-Operation




Patient 1 Post-Operation



Patient 2 Pre-Operation




Patient 2 Post-Operation



Patient 3 Pre-Operation




Patient 3 Post-Operation



Patient 4 Healing



Patient 4 Post-Operation


Patient1:  Image 1    Image 2    Image 3

Patient2:  Image 1    Image 2    Image 3

Patient3:  Image 1    Image 2    Image 3

Patient4:  Image 1    Image 2    Image 3


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