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Cosmetic Eyebrow Surgery

The eyebrows are one of the most important portions of the face that must be addressed in order to properly reconstruct and restore the use of appearance to the face. A normal woman's eyebrow in the classic sense should have a "C" shape to it. A normal man's brow should have a "T" shape. The woman's brow should rest 1 centimeter above the orbital rim, and the man's brow should rest on it. The outside end of the eyebrow should be on line from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eyelids, and the inside end of the eyebrow should be from the corner of the nose to the middle angle of the eyelids. The high point should be at the outside edge of the colored part of the eye.

In order to create this structure, careful evaluation must be made of the eyebrows. Some women prefer the highly arched shape that is perceived as classic beauty. Of course, some woman may prefer to have less arching effect with more relaxation to the eyebrows on the nose side. This can be done with varying amounts of surgery to help change the structure and shape of the eyebrows. Of course, botulinum toxin treatment is possible for the varying amounts of correction for drooping eyebrows.

In cosmetic surgery we do not care to place scars on the face, and so for this reason, we elevate the eyebrows by means of incisions that are placed either in the hairline or behind the hairline. If we want to elevate the eyebrows to the proper position and the person has a high forehead, many times we will use an anterior hairline forehead lift. This will elevate the eyebrows and lower the hairline. If the person's hairline is normal or slightly low, it can be raised with an endoscopic forehead lift.

Dr. Bowden has taught the proper procedure for anterior hairline forehead lifts and endoscopic forehead lift to many ophthalmologists across the country. This is a very straightforward operation that he has performed many times. The operation does provide excellent results with the most consistent repositioning of the eyebrows to the proper position. Once they are in a proper position, then further removal of excess upper lid skin could be made.








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