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Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eye Surgery

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Eye for God is a Christian ophthalmology practice with a subspecialty concentration in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The basic premise of the practice, other than as a surgical practice for eyes ruled by the premises of God, is stated obliquely in the name, stating that "I am for God." Dr. Bowden's main practice goal is to let everyone know that "I work for God".

We each try to properly and compassionately care for patients in a Christ-like manner that will bring glory to God. We each recognize that God, working through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, provides the ultimate healing. We are only the tools that He uses to carry out his will.

In his work Dr. Bowden has seen many miracles. You can click here to learn about the miracles that Dr. Bowden has witnessed.

There is no preaching to patients, but Dr. Bowden has utilized The Four Spiritual Laws and Evangelism to bring many people to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Each member of the staff is an active Christian who, in Dr. Bowden's old Navy way, says, "Aye, Aye for God."